Elsie Jessie Atkins. 1914 – 2007

Mom was a wonderful mix of emotions: she could be loving, caring compassionate and outrageous and, occasionally, outspoken (bless her)… but constant was the stoicism the ability to accept, for better or for worse and without complaint – life’s twists and turns.

She stayed strong in her beliefs and her faith and this was her strength.

She was a remarkable women. She was my mum, Angela’s mom, a loving sister, relative and a loyal and lifelong friend to those she met. She was ‘Our Elsie’ a person with an inmate sense of duty and responsibility to those around her …

As a young girl and the eldest of four children, helping to raise her sister and brothers while her father, a career soldier, served his Country in far off lands…

As a young lady and the wife of a policeman, she stood alongside her beloved Eddie, to serve in the Women’s Auxiliary Police Corps during the Second World War …

As a mother-of-two, raising Angela and myself and later to become an accomplished and respected business women …

And in retirement she held the presidency of Walsall Ladies’ Bowls Club for two years – happy to do an extra year when the senior-vice president was unable to fulfil her duties.

That was Mum – a lady who never shied away from responsibility but thrived on it.

Chatting one day about those times with her brothers and sister and then bringing up Angela & myself, told her she did great. “Well, I’ve always tried to do my best”, she said. We spoke often about her brother’s and sister – she loved you all very much.

Having Mom close by in Torquay over the last twelve months has been wonderful.

She enjoyed going down to the harbor to see the boats and she loved the seafront and she loved the sun on her face. And of course after all our little outings, I would take her back to the warmth and the security of the Retirement Home where she was surrounded by so much love and care.

We all owe Peter and his staff so much for making her final year so enjoyable and so comfortable.

I never ever heard her complain about anything or anyone at all, remarking just the once that she wished she had a bit more energy.

In her final few weeks her comfort and well-being was, more than ever before, paramount and she rested in her room where the sun always seem to shine through the big windows.

She was relaxed, peaceful, always courteous and forever grateful to the girls whose tenderness for her was genuinely kind and caring. For six days mom slept peacefully in her bed.

On the morning of the day she died the girls’, in typically thoughtful fashion, wanted to know if mom could have her hair done .. wonderful ! After a short while I went up into her room and mom still asleep as she had been for days, was having her hair blow-dried and combed gently by the hairdresser.

I went back in the evening and sat with her for a while and told her she looked lovely and bid her goodnight…and a few hours later – mom slipped away. Like her beloved Eddie, she commanded huge respect and was dignified to the end.

My sister and I owe her so much and as we all remember ‘Our Elsie’ and give thanks for her life, I will be eternally grateful to a lady whose greatest gift to me was to adopt me as her son and allow me to enjoy the privileges and love of the Atkins family at large that I cherish so much. I will miss her … I think we all will.

Dear Peter

We wish to express our gratitude for your kindness and tireless attention in looking after Florence.

Alicia and I are especially thankful to you and your team for the faultless care you showed in taking her through the final chapter of her life.

Florence was truly remarkable in many respects. She had outstanding qualities in her roles of wife, mother and grandmother. I could not have asked for a better mother-in-law.

She passed away, serene until the end.

Many thanks,

David & Alicia

Peter and all the staff at Woodrow

….. to all of you.

Just a note to say thank you for all you do for our Aunt ??????

The lunch was so appreciated and very ?????. A excellent lunch. We are back in Canada. Very warm here. Hope to see you next year.

Love & thanks

Raymond & Sharon Elliott

Dear Peter

We are most grateful to you and the care team for providing Joyce with a loving home. Its such a pleasure to experience the dedication and wamth shown to our mum, thank you for the professionalism that only Woodrow can provide.

Thanks again


Tony, Pat, Malcolm & Andrew
and from all the family

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